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SlimSat SA 61

Slim and highly effective

The SlimSat SA61 is an innovative satellite dish in a slim and elegant housing – with a Single LNB already integrated. Incredibly small and flat, harmonious and nearly inconspicuous, SlimSat fits perfectly to the house and townscape. It can rapidly and easily be installed, wherever you want it at the house, wall or balcony. Since it is portable, it is also ideal for vacation and camping.

Product overview

  • With integrated Single LNB
  • Installation within a few minutes
  • Mounting on wall, balcony or antenna mast
  • Portable for use on vacation, camping …
  • Discreet to fit to the house and townscape
  • For all major satellites within their limits
  •  Satellite antenna with integrated Single LNB
     Installation within a few minutes
     Mounting on wall, balcony or antenna mast
     Portable for use on vacation, camping …
     Discreet to fit to the house and townscape
     For all major satellites, such as ASTRA, HOT BIRD, etc. within the limits of their footprint (min. EIRP 49 dBm)
    Input Satellite Frequency10.7 – 12.75 GHz
    PolarisationDual Linear (Horizontal & Vertical)
    Antenna Gain33.7 dBi at 12.7 GHz
    Dimensions (W x H x D)51.7 x 27.7 x 8,2 cm
    LNBSingle LNB integrated
    Operating Temperature:-30° C ~ +60° C
    Weight:4.5 kg (gross)  2.7 kg (net)
    SlimSat Antennaavailable
    Brackets for wall, balcony or antenna mast mountingavailable
    Screw setavailable
    ANGA 2017
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