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SRT L 701

High performance in SD and HD

Whether to connect one or more receivers, STRONG's state-of-the-art LNBs optimize the signal strength and bring high performance and quality TV pictures to every home. Excellent reception of digital signals in SD and HD as well in 3D, low noise figures and a particularly robust and high performing technology make STRONG's LNBs reliable and essential parts of modern TV equipment.

Product overview

  • High performance technology
  • Excellent reception of SD, HD or 3D TV channels
  • Ideal for system expandability
  • Extremely low noise figure (0.2 dB)
  • Robust and weather resistant
  •  High performance technology
     In-built phase-locked loop technology guarantees high frequency stability
     Excellent reception of the whole range of digital SD, HD or 3D TV channels
     Ideal for system expandability
     Extremely low noise figure (0.2 dB)
     Robust and weather resistant
    I/P Frequency Range10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
    Output Frequency Range950 ~ 2150 MHz
    LO FrequencyLow: 9.75 GHz, High: 10.6 GHz
    LO Initial Accuracy (@25°C):± 1.0 MHz
    Noise Figure0.2 dB (Typ.)
    Conversion Gain50 ~ 62 dB
    DC Current Consumption100 mA (Max.)
    Polarization Switching VoltageV: 10.5 ~ 14.2 V, H: 15.5 ~ 21 V
    Band Switching PulseLow: 0 KHz, High: 22 KHz
    Operation Temperature-40°C ~ + 60°C
    Output connector:75 Ohm F type
    Dimensions (W x D x H)59,5x59,5x105,3
    Weight, kg0,09
    Bracket Ø, mm40

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