• PrimaSat II


PrimaSat II

Great entry level-receiver with many useful features

PrimaSat II is the best choice for those who are looking for a digital Free-To-Air Satellite Receiver which is quickly installed, convenient and easy-to-use. Pre-programmed ASTRA channels, 4000 channels memory capacity, digital sound via the coaxial output, EPG for present/following event and on-screen programme information, 8 favourite lists, 10 timers and much more. PrimaSat II: simply powerful.

Product overview

  • Digital Free-To-Air TV and radio via satellite
  • 4000 channels memory capacity for 64 satellites
  • Digital sound through coaxial output (S/PDIF)
  • Electronic TV Programme Guide (EPG)
  • ASTRA channels pre-programmed
  • Automatic and manual channel scan options
  • Favourite lists for TV and radio
  • 10 timers with 4 modes
  • Teletext, subtitling, audio track support
  • Parental control for locking channels
  •  For digital Free-To-Air TV and radio programmes via satellite (1)
     Fast and easy software update via external USB storage device
     4000 channels memory capacity for 64 satellites
     ASTRA channels pre-programmed
     Electronic TV Programme Guide (EPG) for on screen programme information of present/following event information up to 7 days (2)
     10 event timers with 4 modes (once, daily, weekly, monthly)
     Software update via satellite (OTA) and external USB storage device.
     Videotext via receiver and TV remote control (2)
     Selectable audio language and subtitles (2)
     8 favourite lists for TV and radio programmes
     Many channel handling options:
     Digital sound through coaxial output (S/PDIF) by connecting to digital amplifier
     Automatic and manual channel scan options
     Low power consumption in standby
    (1) Depending on local signal conditions
    (2) Availability depending on broadcaster
    Channel memory capacity4000
    Favourite lists8
    Pre-programmed channelsavailable
    Electronic Programm Guide (EPG)available
    Software updateUSB
    Multiliungual subtitling and audio track supportavailable
    Multi-lingual on-screen menuavailable
    Parental controlavailable
    Edit functionsavailable
    Automatic, network and manual channel scan optionsavailable
    Automatic standby functionavailable
    Aspect ratio4:3, 16:9
    Video resolution720 x 576 pixels (PAL), 720 x 480 pixels (NTSC)
    Audio modeStereo, Dual mono, Mono
    LNB power13/18 V DC (+/- 5%)
    DiSEqC Version1.0, 1.1 & 1.2
    TUNER INavailable
    Digital audio S/PDIFavailable
    Supply voltage:100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
    Power consumptionmax 18 W, typ. 4.6 W
    Power consumption in standby0.5 W (max.)
    Size (W x D x H) in mm179 x 130 x 44
    Net-weight in kg0.44
    Remote controlavailable
    Installation Instructionsavailable

    STRONG declares that this item complies with the basic requirements and other relevant regulations of directives CE 2004/108/EC and 73/23/EC, RoHS 2002/95/EC

    Subject to alterations. In consequence of continuous research and development technical specifi cations, design and appearance of products may change. All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.




    The display on front panel does not light up.

    The power cord is not plugged in.
    Receiver is in stand-by mode.
    Your model is without display.

    Check, that the power cord is plugged into the wall outlet.
    Switch ON receiver.
    Your model is without display.

    No picture or sound

    Wrong connection of the Audio/Video output of the receiver to TV.

    Connect the Audio/video output of the receiver to TV correctly.

    Audio muting.

    Wrong Audio channel

    Press the Mute button.

    Press AUDIO button and select other audio channel

    TV power off, wrong channel or input.

    Turn on TV, select correct channel or input.

    No picture

    The receiver can’t receive the signal

    Check the antenna cable, replace the cable, or connect the cable to the receiver tightly.

    Incorrect values of some tuner parameters.

    Set the values of the tuner parameters correctly in the installation menu.

    Wrong direction of the dish

    Check the signal strength with a spectrum analyzer and adjust your dish correctly.

    The remote control does not work

    The batteries of the remote control are not inserted or exhausted

    Check whether the batteries are inserted correctly in your remote control. Check the batteries, and if exhausted replace the batteries in the remote control.

    The USB storage device is not recognized.

    Wrong formatted

    Make sure that your USB device use file system FAT32.

    The external USB HDD does not start.

    Power consumption is too high.

    Connect extra power supply adaptor to your USB HDD.

    The receiver switches off automatically.

    Auto Standby function enabled.

    Disable Auto Standby. See section 4.1.4 for details.

    ANGA 2017
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