• SRT 5302

  • SRT 5303


SRT 5303

Comfortable recording via USB

The new SRT 5303 enables recording of TV and radio programmes to USB storage devices. A power shutdown function switches the connected USB device off when the receiver goes into standby mode. With the extended EPG timer functions you won't miss any programme. It has 2 SCARTs, Timeshift, EPG, timers, favourites, Teletext, multi-lingual subtitling and audio track support and much more.

Product overview

  • Digital FTA TV and radio with outdoor/indoor antenna
  • USB port: for software update and multimedia
  • USB port for recording of TV programmes
  • Timeshift: pause live TV and resume later
  • Electronic TV Programme Guide (EPG)
  • Adjustable EPG timer for direct event booking
  • Enhanced power supply for USB devices up to 800mA
  • Event recording and one touch recording
  • 1000 channels memory capacity
  • 8 Timers for recording and / or standby 3 modes
  •  For all digital Free-To-Air TV and Radio programmes (with outdoor- or indoor antenna) (1)
     Quick and easy installation and user-friendly menu
     Record one programme on your USB device and watch another one on the same frequency
     USB port: record TV programmes, play multimedia files, update receiver software via USB storage device (2)
     Event recording (daily, weekly, monthly)
     Timeshift: pause live TV and resume later
     1.000 channels memory capacity
     Excellent audio and video quality
     Electronic TV Programme Guide (EPG) for on screen programme information of present/following event information up to 7 days (3)
     Adjustable EPG timer for direct event booking
     Videotext via receiver and TV remote control (3)
     Selectable audio language and subtitles (3)
     8 favourite lists for TV and radio programmes
     Parental lock function for menu and rating control for channels
     Multi-lingual support on screen menu (OSD)
     Fast channel zapping
     Many channel handling options: lock, edit, move, sort, skip, delete and search
     Power on with last viewed channel
     Digital sound through coaxial output (S/PDIF) by connecting to digital amplifier
     Automatic and manual channel scan options
     3 games (Tetris, Snake, Othello)
     User friendly remote control
     USB power control for power saving in standby mode
     Enhanced power supply for USB devices up to 800mA
     Energy saving automatic standby function
     UHF/VHF tuner with loop-through function
     Support of active antenna by 5 V output
    (1) Depending on local signal conditions
    (2) STRONG cannot guarantee the playback of all files although extensions are listed, as it depends on file size, codec, bit rate and resolution
    (3) Availability depending on broadcaster
    Channel memory capacity1000
    Favourite lists8
    Electronic Programm Guide (EPG)available
    Booking of events via EPGavailable
    Software updateUSB
    Multiliungual subtitling and audio track supportavailable
    Multi-lingual on-screen menuavailable
    Parental controlavailable
    Edit functionsavailable
    Automatic, network and manual channel scan optionsavailable
    USB power controlavailable
    Support of active antenna by 5 V outputavailable
    Automatic standby functionavailable
    USB multimediaavailable
    USB recording / Timeshiftavailable
    Aspect ratio4:3, 16:9
    Video resolution720 x 576 pixels (PAL), 720 x 480 (NTSC)
    Audio modeStereo, Joint Stereo, Dual Mono, Mono
    Antenna power5 V
    TUNER INavailable
    TUNER OUTavailable
    Digital audio S/PDIFavailable
    Supply voltage:220 - 240 V AC (SMPS), 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption4.00 W (typ.), 5.00 W (max)
    Power consumption in standbymax. 1.0 W
    Size (W x D x H) in mm170 x 113 x 40
    Net-weight in kg0.36
    Remote controlavailable
    Installation Instructionsavailable

    STRONG declares that this item complies with the basic requirements and other relevant regulations of directives CE
    2004/108/EC and 73/23/EC, RoHS 2002/95/EC

    Subject to alterations. In consequence of continuous research and development technical specifi cations, design and appearance of products may change. All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    There may be various reasons for abnormal operation of the receiver. Check the receiver according to the procedures shown below. If the receiver does not work properly after checking it, please contact your local Service line or STRONG dealer. Alternatively you can send a support mail via our website: <www.strong.tv>. [DO NOT] open the receiver cover. It may cause a dangerous situation and will void the warranty.

    Problem Possible cause What to do
    IR sensor light not lit Mains lead unplugged/multipoint connector switched off
    Mains fuse blown
    Check mains lead /switch multipoint connector on
    Check fuse
    No signal found Aerial is disconnected
    Aerial is damaged/misaligned
    Out of digital signal area
    Active antenna requires to switch ON antenna power/external power
    Check aerial lead
    Check aerial
    Check with dealer
    Switch receiver’s Antenna Power ON/ connect external power
    No picture or sound on TV Scart is not selected on your TV
    TV or VCR is not connected to main TV is not switched on
    Switch to correct TV input or switch the VCR on. Switch TV on
    Scrambled channel
    Channel is scrambled Select alternative channel
    No response to remote
    Receiver off
    Remote not aimed correctly
    Front panel obstructed
    Remote batteries exhausted
    Plug in and turn on
    Aim remote at front panel
    Check for obstructions
    Replace remote batteries
    Forgotten PIN code   Contact local Service Hotline or send email to our Support via www.strong.tv
    After moving the receiver to another room / area you are no longer able to receive digital reception Antenna signals are too weak/coming from different antenna Antenna feed may come through a distribution system which may reduce the digital signal Press the <INFO> button on remote 3x to call up signal bars and adjust antenna for (maximum) reception or rescan channels Try a direct feed from the antenna
    or try to use an active room antenna
    The receiver switches off automatically. Auto Standby function enabled. Disable auto standby. See section 5.3.8 for details.
    The USB storage device is not correctly working Wrong format or other reasons See chapter 1.5 Usage of external USB devices
    ANGA 2017
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