SRT 7004 - v 1.48 NoPVR - 26.08.2016


Dear customer! 

Here you can download the new software for your receiver. Please uncompress the downloaded zip file and read the instructions carefully before you load the firmware into your receiver! The zip file consists of: 

1) Firmware: SRT_7004_SRT_7005_v1.48_NoPVR_20160719.ssu

2) Release notes 

3) Update Instruction:

a) At the PC: 

Extract the .ssu file from the package to the root directory of the connected USB device. Then disconnect the USB device from the PC and connect it to the receiver. 

b) At the Receiver: 
After the USB device has been detected successfully, you can perform the software update according to the following steps: 

1. Press MENU on the remote control and use up/down and <> to select System -> Update & Backup -> Image Upgrade. 

2. Select the appropriate USB device (USB0 or USB1).

3. Press OK to enter the software file list and select the file containing the software image with up/down and <> then press OK to initiate the software update. An attention banner will now be displayed.

4. Press OK to start the update (or EXIT to cancel it).

Release Notes

NoPVR SW Version 1.48 from 19.07.2016:

Following improvements were realised:

In certain conditions, the receiver would react to any other RCU command from different brands
Sometimes, other SatCR users at the same network, could experience “zapping” problems


NEVER disconnect the USB device from the receiver, the receiver from the main or switch OFF power during the update procedure. It can damage your receiver and warranty will void! As soon as the update has been finished, the receiver restarts automatically within the „First time installation“!

With the download of this software you confirm, that any risk of usage shall not be passed to STRONG!
v 1.48 NoPVR