SRT 32HB3003 (32"/80 cm) - 10 bit - V8-CS663EU-A75V035 - 7/17/2020


Dear customer!


Here you can download the latest software for your TV in a compressed package. Please unzip the zip file and read the instructions carefully before installing the software on your television.

The Zip file consists of:

1) Software: "MSD3663S_OB3353_100.bin"

2) Release Notes

3) Update instructions:

a) On the PC:

Copy the .bin file into the root directory of the USB device and then disconnect it from the PC.

b) Procedure on the TV:

Switch on your TV and connect your USB storage device with the software to the USB port on the back.

Then proceed as follows:


  1. Press the MENU button and use the ▲▼ buttons to select the Setup Menu and press OK to open.
  2. Now use the  button to select the Software Update (USB) Menu and press OK to update the respective software.
  3. Use the  buttons to select Yes and to confirm and start the update process.
  4. As soon as the update is started, the progress is displayed in %. Please wait until the update is finished!
  5. When the Television SW Update is complete, unplug the TV power cable from the electrical power supply and reconnect it after about 10 seconds. The software update process is now complete.


Release notes

This SW version contains some SW adjustments like channel list edit.


Please NEVER disconnect the power supply or turn off the TV during the software update process! This may destroy the TV and void the warranty! As soon as the update is finished the TV starts again!

By downloading this Software, you confirm that STRONG cannot be held liable in any way for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this software!