SRT 75UA6203 (75"/190 cm) - 10 bit - SW v 105 - 9/4/2018


Dear customer! 

Here you can download the new software for your TV. Please uncompress the downloaded zip file and read the instructions carefully before you load the firmware into your device! The zip file consists of: 

1) Firmware: V8-MS88AEU-LF1V105.bin

2) Release notes

3) Update Instruction: 

a) At the PC: 

Extract the .bin file from the package to the root directory of the connected USB device. Then disconnect the USB device from the PC and connect it to the TV. 

b) At the TV: 

Switch ON your TV and connect the USB device with the software to the connector at the rear of your TV. After the USB device has been inserted, you can perform the software update according to the following steps:
1.  Press MENU and use the ◄►buttons to select the System menu. Use the  button to select the Software Update submenu and press OK to open it.

2.  Use the  button to select the USB Update menu and press OK. A message will be displayed, please wait a bit!

3.  If the TV has found a valid update file on the connected USB device, you will be asked to start the Update procedure. By pressing  select "Confirm" to start the Update.

After the update is started, the progress is displayed in %. Please wait until the TV has finished!

Release notes

SW Version 105 from 13.08.2018

The following improvements were realised:

•  Picture quality and other small amendments 


With the download of this software you confirm, that any risk of usage shall not be passed to STRONG!
NEVER disconnect the USB device from the TV, the TV from the main or switch OFF power during the update procedure. It can damage your device and warranty will void! As soon as the update has been finished, the TV restarts automatically!
SW v 105