SRT 2022 - SW_v7.1.845 - 04/12/2019


Dear customer! 

Here you can download the new software for your Android box. 
Please DO NOT uncompress the downloaded zip file and read the instructions carefully before you load the software into your Android box! 

Update Instruction:
Please note:
The complete Update instruction as PDF file can be downloaded

a) At the PC: 

1. Connect a USB stick /pendrive to your PC with at least 600MB free memory capacity!
2. Download the .zip file into the root directory of the connected USB device.
3. Then disconnect the USB device from the PC and connect it to the Android box.

b) At the Android box: 
After the USB device has been detected successfully, you can perform the software update according to the following steps: 

1. Go down to the main menu by using the ▼ button and then use the ◄► buttons or the air mouse to select All APPs and press OK to access.

2. Use the ◄► and ▲▼ buttons or the air mouse to select Update Application and press OK to open it.

3. Use ▼ button to select Local Update and press OK. 

4. All available USB devices will be shown now. Press OK on the appropriate USB and press OK on the displayed .zip file start the update (please check the correct model number). The Update procedure may take several minutes, so please wait patiently! During the software update the unit will reboot; “Shut down" and "Installing system update…" will be displayed. Previously installed APPs and settings will be kept.

Les notes de version

Software Version 7.1.845 from 22.03.2019.

Following improvements were realized since the previous software version:


NEVER disconnect the USB device from the Android box, the Android box from the main or switch OFF power during the update procedure. It can damage your Android box and warranty will void! As soon as the update has been finished, the Android box restarts automatically within the „Main Menu“!
With the download of this software you confirm, that any risk of usage shall not be passed to STRONG!